Cigarette Case Built On Lighter Holder Kings Or 100’s RYO Pink Butterfly


Cigarette case with built on lighter holder that holds kings and 100’s along with soft and hard packs. Mini Bic lighter only.

  • Pack holder slides down 1 inch and sits for 100’s. Caution: pushing up pack holder can cause smokes to bend.
  • Removable belt clip is convenient because it allows for easy access from the belt, pocket, car visor, etc.
  • Please see all the detailed pictures for more information. 
  • Picture designs may vary slightly due to lighting and printer.
  • Keeps your cigarettes fresh longer. Quality light weight case.
  • Holds soft and hard packs kings and 100’s. MINI Bic lighters only.
  • Please tear off top of packs for easier access.
  • Note:Designer label sticker on front of case only and is not water or serious scratch resistant, please be careful.
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